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jaclyn_and_momI humbly offer this dedication to the most remarkable woman I have ever known and the one person who has left an indelible imprint on my life from my first breath until today. The impact of her loving wisdom has made her a blessing in every life she touches. Calling her simply amazing or incredible still falls short of all she has meant to so many.

Relying on her innate courage and stoic strength, she emigrated from a war-torn Middle East as a young lady, and in the 1950s, she arrived at a New York City harbor with her mother and eight siblings. The tight-knit Christian family never lost their sense of gratitude for being able to become part of the American dream. Overcoming very humble beginnings, the family held to core values of hard work, respect for others, and always reciprocating any blessing granted to them to others in need.

Embracing education as key to building a new life, this inspiring young lady graduated summa cum laude, became a registered nurse, serving for 45 years in bettering the lives of others, and now speaks three languages. Through her volunteer efforts, she has helped thousands of families across the country, and volunteers tirelessly in her own community. Her example of reaching to others while making the most of every opportunity was a constant inspiration as she raised her five children while working three jobs.

Following the devastating loss of her husband after an accident, the young widow never allowed grief to overtake her purpose, faith, or determination. Her shaping and mentoring continued in their lives, prompting them daily to become exceptional citizens and give back to the community. Once more, leading by example, her children came with her to literacy programs, hospitals, and many church missions. Her life motto is “I was sorry I had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet,” and her life has been a daily expression of gratitude for all she has, and servitude to others.

She constantly demonstrated achievement through education, yet still she managed to be an active presence and power in each of the lives of her five children. She attended every basketball game, cheerleading practice, or pageant competition.  She was a hands-on mom despite every demand on her precious time, always giving of her heart, not only to her own children, but to their friends as well.

Today she is a proud mother of five college graduates who exceeded her expectations to become successful lawyers, doctors, book authors, and even White House officials.

As someone who truly embodies love and inspiration to others, I dedicate Charm Foundation and its mission to her kindness and compassion.

It is the strength that I see in her which has molded me into the woman I am today. She overcame many obstacles, challenges, trials, and tribulations, using them as opportunities to enhance, teach, serve, and ultimately, pay it forward.

Her name means Life, her spirit is uplifting, and her wisdom is inspirational. I strive everyday to pass down and instill her heritage in my children, her values, traditions, and her love of God.

This woman is my mother, Hayat Nesheiwat, to whom I dedicate my foundation, CHARM, and my life.